I am Iangana Chuang-Mu

software sales and development

Looking for a Dev ?

specialist in html php and plugin creation

tablet and mobile software

new features linux and windows



our selection of the best software

our website and online shop dedicated to the sale of free and paid software, you will have the right to download or find the sites where you will be able to download software for your Windos or Linux distribution.

1 : On Schedule

On schedule is an easy to use personal organizer for managing your schedules and todo lists. Create a schedule & fill it with events you can tick, delete, colour co-ordinate, set reminders for, re-schedule, re-name, add a description to, copy & move.

2 : Learn Kana Easy is a free application for learning the Japanese alphabet which runs on windows OSs. Allowing anyone wanting to learn the Japanese alphabet to do just that, in easy steps through an intuitive user interface, both the hiragana and the katakana. Browse through all characters learning at your own pace, study and test yourself, track your progress & learn with puzzles. A clear interface allows you to study all the characters at your own speed & test you how you choose. For free? For free.

3 : BackGround Manager is a free application which runs on windows. It lets you set a picture for each day of a week. It then automatically changes your background to this picture on each day of the week. Simple.

4 : anti-dos software with our partner koddos ddos protection, you will be able to host your software and tools on servers with Windows or Linux virtual machines.

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